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Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan


  • Joint Local Plan examined and adopted

    The Joint Local Plan was examined in public and formally adopted in March 2019.
  • Plan monitoring and delivery

    We monitor the performance of the plan every year through our Authority Monitoring Report. Reporting focuses on set measures which were agreed with the Planning Inspectorate at adoption of the Joint Local Plan.
  • My Place My Views Launch

    July 2022




    October 2022

    This is an initial opportunity to tell us about how you feel about your neighbourhoods following the large scale disruption associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • My Place My Views - Talking Points

    Following the consultation we will feedback to residents key findings from the discussion relevant to their areas using our new dashboard.
  • Review key issues and evidence

    We will begin the process of reviewing the evidence which underpins the strategic policies of the Joint Local Plan. Subject to national policy, these topics could include the environment, climate change and the potential location of new homes and employment space. More details will be provided as they emerge.
  • Topic Conversations

    We will be engaging those on our mailing list on topics affecting potential future building and engineering works across the Joint Local Plan Area.
  • Joint Local Plan Review or New Plan Making






    Starting the legal process of updating our Joint Local Plan policies.